We are a freelance collective based in progressive Amsterdam with an obscure name and a core team composed by Stratos and Silvia plus a bunch of talented friends we occasionally collaborate with. 

The concept of Bomburo seamlessly emerged at Open Set, a vibrant workshop in Breda (NL), where we realised our collaboration was a  match made in heaven, if you’re ok with the notion that divine forces have a hand in pairing up two professionals who are very compatible.

Inspired by the contamination of conceptual Dutch climate with our diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, we work in team or individually together with our clients, depending on their needs.

We have experience in graphic and web design, UX/UI design, branding, packaging, illustration, animation, black beer and crafting excellent hummus for our favorite clients.

Communication is about vivid storytelling, and what’s a good story without a bit of magic, be it a singing pony or a website with such impeccable navigation it will make you cry. 

We’re into projects that revolve more around people and less around products. Why? We like people (not in the creepy sense) although like all designers we are terrified to get out of our screens (jk!).

We believe great work comes from freedom and from freedom comes great work. The term freedom is intended not so much as absence of limits but as awareness of choice: this is why creating value is top priority in our work.

Silvia Celiberti

My name is Silvia, I started my studies in Barcelona and got the lucky chance to move to Nyc for an inspiring year at the School of Visual Arts and a first collaboration as a designer creating visuals, printed and divulgative material for The Windowfarms Project, a social enterprise that helps city dwellers around the world grow their own fresh food from the unlike location of their own metropolis apartments.

Fast forward two years, I was living in Jerusalem for a few months while I got invited back to mamma Italy for a trial at the Visual Communication branch at Fabrica Communications and Research Centre just before moving to Amsterdam where I started my collaboration as a creative with the great team of branding agency Bohemia Amsterdam where my role was having insane ideas for campaigns 24/7.

I also had the pleasure to be part of Beehive not just as a designer but also multitasking with more hands-on experiences like making a cozy place out of a freezing warehouse -Beehive being an organisation whose endeavour is to redevelop buildings and areas in the city to reduce vacancy rate and provide space for creative entrepreneurs.

During the same period I collaborated with Next Nature Network, a think tank based in Amsterdam, helping concepting and illustrating the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, a project that explores the culture and ethics of the future of In Vitro meat.

I can often be seen going about my business with half a cracker in my mouth, probably swearing.

Stratos Tzanavaris

I'm Stratos and I studied Graphic Design and Animation in TEI of Athens and the Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Portugal.

I have been spending more hours than I want to admit solving visual and interface design problems for the last 6 years. I'm interested in creating subjective experiences that reach large audiences and empower them.

My journey starts in Athens where I worked as an animator and concept artist at Magikon. That's where I got deep into animation principles, direction, concept art, storyboarding and dirty old frame by frame animation on a wooden light table.

I then had the extraordinary experience of being part of the team responsible for the digital communication of the Greek Prime Minister for two years, where I worked as a Web Designer, as well as working at the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) contributing to the successes of Visitgreece.gr.

Later as the Web Designer of Bohemia Amsterdam I joined forces with an international team of creatives tasked with coming up with conceptual solutions for a variety of clients such as Ubisoft Netherlands and NTR Netherlands.

Among other things, I have been collaborating with Interweave Agency through the internets creating award winning, social media campaigns for Horio.

I was lucky enough to get involved with a wide range of creative activities from Animation to Concept Art and from UX design to Graphic design and Illustration accumulating an array of tools with which I tackle every design challenge that dares to appear on my path. So far so good.


Branding, website and e-book design for Amstermind self development community

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